If each staffs need to arrive before 8:00 am or at remote regions, the taxi payment needs to be paid by customer.

If working hours starts from 6:00 am, the payment of each staffs should be HKD$ 200 per half hour.

Plan C to Plan E, Plan G to Plan J, working hours of each staffs are 11 hours, O.T. will be HKD$400 per hour, turning into the whole day service will be HKD$ 1000 per staff.

Plan C to Plan F, Plan H to Plan J, recording service is already including Wedding Slideshow and Same-day Editing.

Plan C to Plan H, adding Snapshot service will be HKD$ 2000, Instant Photo Printing will be HKD$ 1000(100 photos)/ HKD$ 1800(200 photos)/ HKD$ 2500(3 Hours Unlimited).

The above payment has already included natural false eyelashes,calm makeup ampoule, iontophoresis device, new powder puff, wigs, silk flowers, Swarovski accessories.

The above Packages are not including the Tutor MUA, HD airbrush Makeup Service has an extra charge: $1000 (Tutor) / $500 (Pro.MUA)

With package, sisters/ family/ mother makeup and hair design has an extra charge for HKD$300/touch-up HKD$150 (including natural false eyelashes).

各工作人員如需早於8:00 am前到達或偏遠之地區,需要另付每位工作人員的士費。

一工作時間如早於6:00 am開始,每半小時HKD$200/工作人員。

Plan C to Plan E, Plan G to Plan J,各工作人員工作時間為11小時,O.T. HKD$400/1小時,轉全日貼跟為HKD$1000/工作人員。

Plan C to Plan F, Plan H to Plan J,攝錄已包括成長片段 及 早拍晚播。

Plan C to Plan H,加Snapshot需另加HKD$ 2000, Instant Photo Printing需另加HKD$ 1000(100張)/ HKD$ 1800(200張)/ HKD$ 2500(3小時 無限)


以上Package不包括導師級化妝師,高滑噴槍化妝服務需另加 $1000 (導師) / $500 (Pro.MUA)。

喂Package,加姊妹/家人/媽媽化妝和頭型設計 HKD$300/補妝加HKD$150(包括自然假眼睫毛)。