A Plus Makeup & Stylist

  Ka Ka Group was an online shop for Chinese wedding accessories/ Swarovski accessories etc, which gained a lot of suports and love.


   With the perseverance  spirit of our founder, Angel, and the supporting of our dearest customers, A Plus Makeup & Stylist was branched as emphasis independent development by Ka Ka Group since 2013. Angel believes "There has no the best one, but only the better one.", we would like to provide A+ services and products like our name, A Plus Makeup & Stylist.


      A Plus Makeup & Stylist services variety of professional makeup (including HD airbrush makeup service) and dresses/ accessories renting services, one-stop-wedding service, and pre-wedding portrait service

(Our Golden Partner: K.C. Portrait & Production) .


     『A Plus Make Up & Stylist 』於2013年由Ka Ka Group 分支出來作重點獨立發展。


      創辦人Angel 於2005至今曾多次遠赴台灣, 日本, 韓國及法國深造化妝, 髮型 及 造型設計課程,她深信"沒有最好的,只有更好的!"A Plus 既名字亦因此而來,亦喻意着A Plus Makeup & Stylist會為您打造A+的服務和產品。


     『A Plus Make Up & Stylist 』重點設有新娘/各類型化妝、禮服/ 飾物租借服務、一站式婚禮服務,更帶令其專業團隊創造無限可能!